Ready to step off of the emotional rollercoaster of life?

 When we slow our heart rates, and regulate our nervous systems, our awareness expands and starts to sync up with the creative flow of life. We feel alive, inspired, and connected to ourselves again. Sanity and peace flood the system, and joy fills our being. But if your nervous system has been in a pattern of unsafety, in fear, confusion, contraction, overwhelm, freeze, numbness, fight or flight, you will be stuck in a state of overwhelm, anxiety, stress, and disconnection.


Friending the Tiger Within is a Live Nervous System Regulation Course that will teach you powerful practices to clear your trauma, regulate through triggers and end the cycles of emotional pain for good.

July 24th- July 31st


✅ This is For YOU if you are a...

✅ Woman tired of being overwhelmed, and anxious.

✅ Woman who wants to sleep through the night!

✅ Woman who feels shut down, numb, and hardened in relationship.

✅ Woman who is ready to get off of the emotional roller coaster!

✅ Woman who lost themselves, and wants to get her back…

❌ This is NOT For YOU if you if...

❌ If you are comfortable with how you feel in life and don't want to grow.

❌ If you are not impacted by the current reality we find ourselves in as a collective humanity.

❌ If you don't have the space to slow down and rest.

Move from fear to love,
from victim to creator,
from limitation to liberation!


  • Understanding the nervous system, by going into the basic theory of nervous system regulation so that you have a practical idea of what you are doing, and why it is so important.
  • Learning practical and easy to use tools to help you create greater resilience and resolve in your nervous system.
  • Releasing trauma by learning to navigate Flight, Flight, Freeze & Fawn
  • Understanding and resolving the defense strategies of the body so you can live open, available, and centered in love.  
  • Learning the difference between sympathetic practices and parasympathetic practices to move from freeze and numbness into full expression.


  • 8 live group calls: These daily calls will be a combination of teachings about the nervous system, as well as practice calls. ($3,500 Value)
  • Practice Vault: You will receive access to my practice vault with 100’s of hours of practices. From energy work, to feminine embodiment, to kundalini yoga, this vault is stacked! ($544 Value)
  • Connection in community via signal: You will have access to the group signal thread to be connected with your sisters in the program. Sharing your journey with other women on this path is PRICELESS! We need each other! ($222 Value)


WHAT: Live 8-day Nervous System Regulation Course

WHEN: July 24th-31st, 2024

WHERE: A Zoom link will be sent to you upon registration

WHY: You are ready to step off the emotional rollercoaster of life and start feeling sane in and insane body and world.

Total Value: $4,266

Your Investment Today

Only: $299

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"Sarah is a gifted coach and teacher of nervous system regulation, and feminine embodiment practices. Her clarity, honesty, and deep commitment to helping women heal and redirect their energy give Sarah an edge as a unique and powerful mentor. Sarah has a plethora of techniques and practices spanning many traditions to help any individual break through their limitations, showing each student the path to their highest potential as a divine being."


“It is so powerful to be witnessed by Sarah and others in this container. My nervous system is being overhauled, I am becoming different, becoming more of my essential self; I am becoming the embodiment of love. This new me is more available in my key relationships with my husband and son and with my work.”



She has been on a transformational path of awakening for 28 years!

She is devoted to living from her deepest embodied wholeness, and teaching others how to do the same.

She believes that the greatest revelatory act you can do in this time, is to live from your pleasure, your joy, your abundance, and your sexy aliveness! 
To wake up everyday being a YES to life, no matter what comes.