For an open community practice and coaching call

Thursday, August 24th from 10 AM - 11:30 AM PT

This call is for you if:

-You have been curious about working with me, and want to get a feel for me

-You want to practice and feeling into a community of people on a similar path

-You are in need of some direct input from me about your life

-You have been wanting to take your next step on your path, but have been hesitant and not sure how to


 These calls are open to everyone. All questions are welcome.

I believe there are 4 areas of focus that bring a sense of wholeness to our lives:

Connection to Self

Connection to Other

Connection to Earth

Connection to Spirit


When we are tending to all four of these areas there is a natural balance to life. And there is a greater sense of wholeness within us. Of course we will be focusing more on one or another area depending on what is arising in our lives. But keeping an awareness of all four, and seeing what areas might be lacking in your life, can guide you to where you need to spend more time.


My work is about wholeness, truth, and love. All of you is welcome here.

Come receive and be nourished in community!


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