Transformational Intimacy... about being in service of love. Being in service of something bigger than yourself, even than your relationship. It’s as if your devotion to love THROUGH your relationship could inspire the future and heal the past. 


The topic for this months Masterclass is: Your Sexual Shadow! 

Shadow work is everywhere these days. There are shadow work classes, retreats, workshops, coaches, mystics, guides, you name it. It’s even found it's way into corporate professional development. 

Exploring these shadowy parts of ourselves that we have repressed, denied and avoided is a critical part of waking up, growing up and cleaning up as Ken Wilber puts it. 

And yet, there is another realm of shadow that is a little more rare and a little juicier. The realm of sexual shadow… 

Nervous yet? Don’t be. Everyone’s got sexual shadows. And once we shed light on them, we can be more fully expressed, open and free, in our sex and in our lives.

So what is sexual shadow? 

Sexual shadow is the parts of our sexual desires, preferences, and needs that we have repressed, denied and avoided. Until now. 

Join us for this dark, delicious masterclass, where we’ll shed light on these hidden aspects of our sexual desires, preferences and needs. This isn't just about embracing your desires; it's about living in them fully. 

By embracing your sexual shadows, you open the pathway to deeper intimacy, deeper sex and profound self-expression.

 A Free Masterclass with
Sarah Entrup and Travis Streb
Thursday, November 16th 12:00-2pm PT 


This class is for men, women, non-binary, couples & singles.

Like all of our classes all sexual orientations are always welcome! 

This Free Masterclass will take place on Zoom on Thursday, November 16th 12:00-2pm PT. 

If you cannot make the live call, the recording will be sent out. 

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