3-Days of Healing, Miracles, and Grace to Activate the Collective Heart of Humanity


December 20th, 21st, and 22nd • 1 hour a day from 12-1:00pm PT 


There is a new way to move forward in this time as a humanity. It is the way of the heart. It is the way of love. It is the way of peace. But we must cultivate this within us before we can share in it as a humanity. 

The heart has an electromagnetic field that can radiate and pulse outward, creating a force field around a person. When it is connected with the heart field of others, the power and magnitude is amplified exponentially. 

In these three days we will:

- Call upon your ancestral line to help activate heart healing within you, your family, and humanity as a whole. 

- Work with our unseen allies to rest in the energy of healing and wholeness. 

- Connect with creation and be quiet and listen. We ask to receive the information of our soul's truth, to remember why we are here. We all have a sacred mission that needs to be fulfilled. 

- Do practices to open your heart and come into resonance with each other, creating a stronger wave of love, then blast it through humanity.


The focus for each day: 

Day 1- You 

Day 2- Your people 

Day 3- Humanity 


The cost for these three days is $21. All proceeds will go to Save the Children.

If you are interested in learning more about this organization please visit SavetheChildren.org.

100% of proceeds will go to this amazing charity. 

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What is healing? 

Healing is a reconnection with self. It’s the letting go of what no longer serves. Or it can be the receiving of new energy. Healing can be landing and resting in the here and now. Healing can be traversing your past and recollecting yourself. Healing can be making a new agreement with yourself.

What is a miracle?

It’s the unexpected manifested. It’s the thing you didn’t even know was possible coming true. Miracle energy is creation energy. It’s the most natural impulse of the universe. 

What is Grace?

Grace is receiving the goodness of life. Grace is letting in the love that’s already there. Grace is resting in the wholeness of your eternal soul.