In this time of upheaval and change, we can learn to relate in a more powerful and beautiful way. We can create art out of our pain. We can celebrate and share this one precious life. We were made for these times. Our hearts and souls are primed and ready to be cracked open to blast love like never before.


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Courtney McNabb

“Sarah Entrup is dripping wisdom meets orgasmic pulsing eros. She’s just this blend of lightning potent knowingness mixed with so much permission to expand further into my ecstasy then I ever have. Her programs will ground you, open you, set your heart and pussy on fire. Run, don’t walk.”

Kelly Prettyman

"I am in the best place mentally, spiritually, and financially that I’ve ever been in and none of this would have ever been possible without Sarah and the container that she developed and created for us. I will forever be grateful."

Kristen Masi

"Sarah is the most potent, inviting, creative, alive, feminine embodiment teacher I have ever worked with. She gives us such permission to go there, to go towards whatever is true, whatever is here while also cultivating such a healthy and safe, yet sovereign space."

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Intuitive. Embodied. Devoted To Love. Passionate Leader.


I am committed to living as Love. I’m talking about a Love that heals the fault lines of all time.

A Love that gives us meaning and hope.

A Love that is generous and giving. A Love that is inspiring and awakening. A Love that is courageous and unwavering. As we go through this life and walk through both heaven and hell, I am committed to grounding in as Love.

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Whether we ever work together or not, it is my deepest pray that in this lifetime you know and share in great love. That you walk the truth of who you are into the world, as an infinite creative expression of the divine. And that you realize every step you take towards embodying your wholeness ripples out and changes your lineage throughout all time, all space, past present and future.  

With love,

Sarah Entrup