"In Love and Gratitude"

“Specifically, for me, my healing journey with Sarah began over ten years ago when she helped me release deep emotional and physical trauma after years and years of non-productive talk therapy. More recently, she has helped me heal from a serious concussion. She has walked me through countless conundrums involving business decisions, all the way to relationship concerns. Sarah is an amazing counselor, as well as an Awakened Guide. I can say that Sarah has made a massive, beneficial difference in my life. She continues to hold a candle not only for me, but also for everyone in her community, and beyond. She is a beautiful spirit and is here to help people wake up! Sarah radiates love and LIGHT from every pore. I have deep love and appreciation for Sarah Entrup.”

Mandy P.

"I have worked for years on trying to get my life together but was not finding the deep truth, and I was always making up stories about my past. I am thankful from the deepest depths of my heart, for this program has changed my life forever. I have so much gratitude and love for Sarah, in all that this work has helped me discover about myself. Opening my loving heart and living in my essence is something I never knew how to do before. From taking this program, I know how to do it and it has changed my life forever!" In Love and Gratitude."


"This program has absolutely transformed my life and joining is one of the best decisions I've ever made. Being in this container with women putting in the work is so motivating and life-changing. This is a container I feel called to stay in because it is so supported and so grounded. I am in the best place mentally, spiritually, and financially that I’ve ever been in and none of this would have ever been possible without Sarah and the container that she developed and created for us. I will forever be grateful."

Kelly Prettyman

“Sarah is a straight shooter, she doesn’t bullshit you. She’s firm and so loving at the same time. Having her input as a woman, has been extremely helpful in my ability to make more money and shift the dynamic with my wife.”


“I discovered the power of boundaries! I serve others, the world and myself ONLY when I stay connected to my energy, boundaries and body. It is a true gift to discover the health within self-commitment, as well as to notice the burden and failure of enmeshment, abandonment, and overcommitment.”

Jamie Sharp



“What can I say? Sarah has influenced me in ways I can hardly describe. The guided energy clearing, moving meditations, the Kundalini, diving into psychic development, etc. My soul soars with these inner findings. MAGIC now flows in my daily life. I walk with much more peace, strength, and grace. The work is holistic and has completely helped me to transform my life. I highly recommend Free the She for EVERY SOUL. It’s what we have all been missing on this physical plane we live in … it is healing on every level. I finally listen to ME, FIRST ♥️” 

Amy Carter

"I’m more centered- not as reactive to external triggers. I’m finally able to access & release old, buried grief. I’m more joyful and able to connect with spontaneous laughter. I feel the fatigue of a solid physical workout…. building muscle! My incidence of heart arrhythmia/tachycardia is significantly less. I have greater clarity regarding close relationships! Thank you!"

Kathy Salas

"I’m more centered- not as reactive to external triggers. I’m finally able to access & release old, buried grief. I’m more joyful and able to connect with spontaneous laughter. I feel the fatigue of a solid physical workout…. building muscle! My incidence of heart arrhythmia/tachycardia is significantly less. I have greater clarity regarding close relationships! Thank you!"

Cecelia Beatriz

“After decades of positive thinking and pushing through, these programs opened the door to allow the raw truth of how hard it is to be here in a human body. It helped me own my grief, while separating myself from my mother’s patterns I’d been repeating. I soften into my femininity where I used to push, strive, and claim. Before working with Sarah, I was, like many women, a fish swimming in the waters of patriarchy.”

Alice Lundy

“I was just woke enough to attend the solar eclipse meditation, and it shook my core. I remembered that I have a body, and that it deserves recognition, care and acknowledgment of its power. I birthed a new relationship with my body that day. Thank you."

Deanna J.

"My sisters are right there alongside me, supporting me as they delve into their own crevices, blasting away all that no longer serves. Together, we dance in the fire of creation."


“It is so powerful to be witnessed by Sarah and others in this container. I feel so deeply held by this container and because it is a place where we are safe, I have discovered my essence and am able to be in the world in an authentically embodied way. For years, I have related to the world partially from my core wounds and my unmet needs; in a state of unconsciousness often accompanied by both physical and mental pain. My nervous system is being overhauled, I am becoming different, becoming more of my essential self; I am becoming the embodiment of love. This new me is more available in my key relationships with my husband and son and with my work.”




“I joined because I needed a kick-ass container to help me launch my dream of being a spiritual retreat leader and a changer of the feminine energies on the planet. In the last 30 days I have scheduled and brought into reality not one but two feminine spirituality retreats! Thank you!”

Suzi Loewen

“I did the 30 days to see myself in a clearer light, own it, and serve in the world in my own way. Done! Thank you Sarah for your beautiful love, support, and guidance.”

Carmen Moore

“This year will be my TENTH year to sit every day for one hour in a brilliant container of LIGHT, and with beautiful souls who gather to witness transformation in ourselves and in others. The first time I participated in Sarah’s 30 Days, I was in a place in my life where I could devote that time in REAL time….LIVE. And for many years after that, I could do the LIVE meditations. However, over the past few years, my schedule has been such that I have listened to the recordings at a later time, and I have come to the calls live whenever I could. Equally powerful; the energy is imprinted in the recordings…AND, I love being able to refer to the meditations that had particular meaning for me…at a later date. I feel that the energetic transmission is the same whether I come live, or listen to the recordings. The energy of the container is palpable..the force is STRONG! The LIGHT is indescribably brilliant.

Sarah’s 30 Days of Mediation is an experience I cannot afford to miss. The meditation is created in present time, based on the energy of who shows up and whatever healing is needed.

If you are on the fence, just say YES!!! It will blow your hair back and EXPAND your entire world view. The experience and your commitment to growth will change YOU and YOU can change your world.

Needless to say, I LOVE this work. Sarah’s work has dramatically changed my life. ”

Mandy Pahlka

“The 30 Days of Meditation completely transformed my life last year. This year I’m committed to my highest good and creating the life of my dreams; I need the 30 Days to help me do that!

Sarah takes you deep into the spiritual realm from day one. By participating in this 30 day program you get to enter a private community of people all meditating with you – the collective group energy facilitates the kind of growth you won’t get on your own.

If you’re sick of the same old shit. If you want to step out of life as you’ve known it, and into something brand new for yourself & your family, then the 30 Days of Meditation is for you!

Sarah is devoted to changing the planet, and assisting each of us in our transformation. Seriously, if you need help making this commitment then SPEAK UP – email her and ask for help! Her commitment to each of us shines when we show up in our truth!!

Be prepared to have your boundaries pushed as you learn to become the best and brightest version of yourself in the 30 Days of Meditation. You’ll thank yourself for doing it!”

Sam Satchell