Hi! I’m Sarah Entrup

I believe that all 7.5 billion of us signed up to be here at this time to help usher in a new era of humanity: an era guided by love.

I don’t mean some squishy, distorted idea of love. I mean a courageous love, a bold love.
I mean a love that is willing to do the hard things, a love that is willing to destroy what no longer serves to make space for a deeper, more aligned expression of love. 

I have been studying and teaching tools of transformation and awakening for my entire adult life. It is my whole life's orientation to wake up fully to who I am. And it's happening. I am waking up to myself. Waking up to the magnificence of these times. I am awestruck by what is possible for us as individuals and as a collective.

I am a natural born clairvoyant. Ever since I was a small child, I have witnessed the ruptures of life as being portals to a greater knowing. If we can hold steady through the rupture, the unknown, we settle into a greater experience of ourselves. I teach people how to work with the ruptures, the pain, the uncomfortable aspects of life, and how to alchemize them. Just as the sand in the oyster makes the pearl, the friction in our lives becomes the transformation and ultimately, the blessing. 

Who am I today?

A mother, sister, daughter, teacher, and student. I spend much of my time these days going slow, trying to be present so I can meet myself and my kids as fully as I can, in love.


My life's path has taken me on a journey of embodied wholeness. I started in the stars, and I have landed deep within my body, being held by this beautiful earth.

When I was young, it was clear that whatever path could lead me to experience more of the divine, that's where I wanted to go! I spent my 20’s in serious study and apprenticeship with masterful energy workers, healers, and clairvoyants. I lived in an ashram for 5 years and went deep into the study of Sufism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. I found the heart of Islam to be incredibly soft, vulnerable, and exquisitely beautiful. Through Hinduism I found my devotion and love for this human experience. In Buddhism, I found my deepest roots of the infinite oneness of creation. I graduated from Naropa University in 2002. 

In my 30's I had so much fun! I ran a successful transformational coaching business. I fell in love, got married and had two amazing kiddos. I created Free the She (TM). I was cruising!

My early 40's presented more challenges than I ever thought possible. A debilitating health condition in my family unit. Fractures in my marriage. Then, getting divorced and becoming a two-home family. My heart, and all of who I thought I was, shattered. I spent 5 years wading through the rubble, letting everything fall away that was no longer in alignment. It was a kind of death. I started on a path of intensive kundalini yoga and became a certified kundalini yoga teacher. I also went back to my roots of deep-dive study into sexual polarity and intimacy work. Eventually, I rose from the ashes.

I have now gone on the journey to find the parts of myself that were trapped in the trauma of my childhood. I have reclaimed them with great tenderness and care, and have learned how to shift the patterns of closure in my nervous system to let love flow through me even in the most challenging moments. I can say, with undeniable certainty, that I am more happy, more aligned, and living in more love than I ever have in my life. Life is not always easy, but I am fully committed to opening through every moment. I am taking what life gives me, and letting it open me to who I truly am… Love.


Healing. Intimacy. Embodiment. 

The biggest obstacle in the way of you having the relationships and life you want is your unresolved wounding. I work with couples and singles to heal their wounds through nervous system regulation, shadow work, and embodiment work.

When your core wounds are being cared for, there is space to connect in a deep, hot, intimate way with another. I use sexual polarity work to help you find your way back to your pleasure, purpose, and power as a couple, or individual.

I believe that the path to our individual wholeness is found through the embodiment and balance of the masculine and feminine energy within us. Whereas a path to rapturous, ecstatic intimacy with another is found in two individuals each amplifying a polarity in order to come together as an embodiment of the divine. 


I refer to the energy of the feminine as the expression of art, beauty and love. This is separate from gender or sexual orientation. The essence of the feminine is about surrender and opening. The foundation of feminine practice is pleasure.

I refer to the energy of the masculine as the expression of presence, depth, and consciousness. This is separate from gender or sexual orientation. The foundation of masculine practice is structure and grounding.

These are the opposing forces of creation that exist within every one of us. These are dualistic concepts that, when intentionally emphasized and embodied, create a very real experience of either wholeness within our own selves, or a relational experience of the divine within a couple.


I have a degree in Transpersonal Psychology from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado (the only accredited Buddhist university in the US), and completed undergraduate and graduate studies at Psychic Horizons, in affiliation with the Berkeley Psychic Institute. I am an ordained minister with the church of Inner Light. I have completed a three year teacher training certification on Intimacy and Embodiment with John Wineland.


Mary Bell Nyman- Clairvoyant Certification and Teaching Certification, Boulder Co

Michael Tamura- Intensive apprenticeship in clairvoyance, and energetic healing, Mt. Shasta Ca

Shakha Fariha- Sufi Master, NY, NY

David Deida- Sexual Polarity

Sofia Diaz- Hatha Yoga Master, Boulder CO

Harijiwan and Guru Jagat- Kundalini Yoga Masters, LA, CA

Michaela Boehm- Wild Women's Way Embodiment, Ojai, CA

John Wineland- Sexual Polarity, Conscious Intimacy, and Embodiment

Cass Phelps- Embodiment and Essence work 

Dawn Cartwright- Neotrantra, LA, CA 

Shri Anandi Ma- Shaktipat

Karunami Ma- Shaktipat

I am forever grateful to all the amazing teachers that I have had the privilege of working with- even the ones with problematic personalities or mixed reputations. I have learned from their humanity- the good and the bad- as much as I have from their divinity! We all contain multitudes. I will never stop my journey of personal growth and discovery. It is the foundation of my life, and the reason I am able to share my gifts with the world.