I am here to serve you: to help you feel alive, turned on, and inspired by your life. I am devoted to helping you have a greater experience of love in this lifetime, with yourself, with your partner, with your children, in all your relationships! I am an awakener. I am here to help you awaken to all of who you are!

It is clear that the need to have a more regular practice community is here. What is missing is the regular live practices- the facetime, the community connection. The feeling like you are doing it with other people who are equally committed and excited!

Because I believe that each of us needs a container to be held in, (especially this year) I created another tier of participation to The Ark program.

The Ark Practice Group will be 20-30 minute practices led by me or another participant in the community anywhere from 7-12 times a month.

These practices will be designed to help you stay clear, grounded, and present in the vastness of your being- anchored to love. They will be a combination of running energy, breath work, deep trance meditation, and kundalini yoga. 

The cost of The Ark Practice Group is $108/month, with a 3 month minimum commitment to participate.   

All recordings will be accessible online for continued use, if you cannot make the live practices.

What you get when you join The Ark Practice Group:

  • Keep up with a regular practice for yourself
  • Be in community with other amazing practitioners
  • Receive regular downloads and teaching to help you stay inspired and awake via a group signal thread. 
  • Be in live practice with Sarah 7-12 times a month
  • Keep your nervous system regulated and stable
  • Stay connected to the awakening force within you 
Join The Ark Practice Group

 A Place for Awakened Souls Here to Serve 

When you let go of the things that you grasp in life you become free. When you let go of who you think you are, you become god. Your timelines shift, and life begins anew.

The Ark is an embodied mastery practice group. 

Feel what arises in you in relationship to the word “mastery”. Is there shame, or a feeling of cringe? Do you glaze over the word and brush it off like I am not talking to you?

I do not mean mastery in the egoic way of being the best or better than. I mean mastery in the sense of the Soul. Mastery that comes from knowing who you are and the gifts you have to give. 

Mastery in the sense that you are a fully participating part of creation. Mastery in the sense that you are willing to own and claim your brightest fullest expression and live in that energy. 

I believe that we as a collective of humanity must make the shift from our broken fractured timelines, to the timelines of our mastery.

All of us! Fully.

This does not imply that your learning will ever cease, nor does it suggest an end to your personal growth. Owning your mastery is so much about being the full transmission of YOU. It means a deeper integration and alignment of all the different aspects that you are. It is shifting all the vehicles you are moving around creation with- from shame, brokenness, trauma, and struggle (old timeline). To one new, single, integrated vehicle. One based in love, connection, abundance, and generosity.

This IS what is already happening.

But by being more and more aware of this shift, and actively participating in it, your life will shift more quickly and effortlessly. 

I am here to help those souls who are called to help build a bridge of consciousness for all of humanity. 


Is this you?

Are you here to help usher in a new era?

Have you always known that the information that moves through you is for a greater purpose than just you?

Have you always known you would be here for the changing of the tide of humanity? 

The Ark is a place of refuge.
A place to awaken.
A place to reset.
A place to come home to yourself.
A place to find what is next for you.
A place of creation.
A place to meet more of who you are.
A place to be in community.
A place to be held.  
 Because of the depth of this container there is an interview process.
Please schedule a time to talk with Sarah below.